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Her Majesty Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles
Bangkok, Thailand
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Located in a corner of the Royal Palace Complex in Bangkok, Thailand, the Grand Palace has become home to the new Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles. Its primary focus will be tri-fold: the display of traditional Thai textiles from the Royal Collection, pieces from the Queen's personal collection of Balmain couture of the 70's to today, and an extensive collection of traditional Thai textiles promoted by the Queen's Support Foundation.

Our design for the new museum celebrates traditional weaving techniques as a form giver.

Each of the five new galleries consists of a ceiling design which draws from patterns found in traditional Thai weavings, giving unique volume, form and materiality to each space. State-of-the-art casework is designed to create a continuous, yet flexible, flow for the museum visitor. Specially-designed large 'Pavilion Cases' use switchable glass to promote a dynamic viewing experience. Multimedia is strategically located in each of the galleries. Imrey Culbert is the designer for the galleries and casework, working with DSDI Inc.

Imrey Culbert Project Team: Celia Imrey, Tim Culbert, Nita Yuvaboon, Arthur Liu, Ludmilla Cohen, Greta Hansen.

Consultants: TDA for lighting, MGMT design for graphics and Innovision from Paris for multimedia.

Casework: Goppion, Italy.